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Meet our leadership

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Jeremy & Anita Greening - Lead Pastors

Jeremy and Anita moved to Stanthorpe in 2013 together with their daughter Melody and son Timothy. They have been a great blessing to our church since their arrival and they both share a great, nurturing heart for people.

Jeremy is quite involved in the local community as chairperson of the local chaplaincy committee and a big advocate for school based chaplains. He is also well respected by our local council and state member Mr James Lister MP. He loves leading people into God's presence with incredible, yet simple, worship moments. He serves with enthusiasm and loves to see people flourish in every aspect of life.

Anita works four days a week as a registrar at Warwick Christian College and loves sowing into peoples lives with her incredible gift of communication. Anita has over 25 years of children's ministry experience so kids and young people flourish under her leadership. As a passionate believer, Anita loves to encourage people to delve into God's word.

Together, with a great body of volunteers, they are committed to introducing our Stanthorpe community to the 'Welcome Home' culture that sets our church apart. We just love it when people walk through the front door for the first time and straight away feel at home!

"We simply can't wait for the opportunity to welcome you home!" - Pastor Jeremy & Anita